We are Dinner Dealer — a deck of cards filled with coupons to amazing local restaurants. The North Shore is full of popular restaurants and we want to inspire local residents to Dine Out, Dine Local and Dine Often. This is our home and we plan to do our part in supporting fellow businesses and organizations.

After several months of research, designing, and marketing to our favorite restaurants, we succeeded in creating Dinner Dealer’s first edition! Hazzah! Our adorable deck offers the extra incentive for you to eat out at dozens of great restaurants! Our decks cost only $25. They will be available for purchase online, at local retailers, or through group fundraisers! Stay tuned for the ETA of our first batch of decks coming early December—just in time for the Holidays.

Here at Dinner Dealer, we love good food, cooking, and community. For us, it’s about creating a presence in the North Shore community and making a positive impact. It’s our hope that many local businesses, organizations, and restaurants all benefit from this new product (year after year).

Many thanks to all of the participating restaurants. Without you, there wouldn’t be a Dinner Dealer!

Cheers to a fruitful year!