No, we are not a corporation with stockholders. Sorry, we are not a franchise based out of a random city. We are actually a local business, built from the ground up by ambitious young entrepreneurs. This is our home. We live here and we are passionately in love with the North Shore – the people, landscape, culture, shops, and restaurants (obviously). For us, we want do our part in helping to preserve this beloved community and sustain our local economy. Dinner Dealer is a hyper-local product designed to encourage commerce amongst North Shore residents and restaurants.

When we say LOCAL, we truly mean LOCAL. See how:

    1. Dinner Dealer showcases ONLY locally owned and
      operated North Shore restaurants.


    2. Our ideal customers are local residents and neighbors
      throughout the North Shore (and beyond).


    3. The 5 Food Pantries we’ve committed
      to donating to are local organizations.


    4. Dinner Dealer provides fundraising opportunities for local nonprofits.


    5. We are a homegrown business, residing in Salem (MA).


    6. All of Dinner Dealer’s branding, marketing, and website
      is designed by a local graphic design company.


    7. Believe it or not, Dinner Dealer is  printed locally! Yep, it’s true.


    8. Every dollar spent on, and through, Dinner Dealer circulates
      through our North Shore economy.

Not only do these restaurants create a diverse culinary landscape throughout the North Shore, they ultimately create valuable and rewarding jobs for kids, students, and adults. While shopping locally is essential to preserving North Shore’s culture and economy . . . let us also commit to dining out, dining locally, and dining often.