The coupons in our current deck of cards expire at the end of 2015. All coupons are valid as soon as the decks are in hand! So, even if you purchase a deck in December of 2015, you can start cashing in on the savings right away!

The plan is to have Dinner Dealer be an annual production with new restaurants and deals mixed in. Just like any good ol’ fashioned coupon, ours too have an expiration date to encourage diners to redeem as many of the discounts as possible!

Nope. The coupons inside Dinner Dealer’s deck of cards are designed to be used only one time. This will encourage diners to shuffle through the entire deck throughout the year, enjoying a delicious culinary tour of the North Shore.

When you dine out at our participating restaurants, you give your coupon to your server to activate the discount. They keep the card with them in order to help track their ROI.

No way! (Otherwise it wouldn’t be much of a fundraiser, right?)

It’s such a bummer, but it happens. For whatever reason, restaurants end up shutting their doors for good. If you have a coupon to one of our Dinner Dealer participants and they sadly close, we will happily replace your coupon. You can choose from any of the remaining coupons and we’ll mail the coupon to you.

Give Jessica a call at 978-233-1311 or email her directly at jessica@dinnerdealer.com.
Thanks for dining local, friends.

The profit margin for retailers when they purchase is 40% (regardless of how many decks they order. Min. 10 required.)

Dinner Dealer branded countertop display box is included for free.

To learn more about selling our decks click here.

Retailers are asked to purchase at least 10 decks of cards to sell at their location. Payments are to be made in full upon delivery of the decks. Countertop display case is included.

Yes. We would love to have locally owned shops across the North Shore sell our product!

Yes. The more the merrier. You can contact a Dinner Dealer team member for pricing. 978-233-1311

Dinner Dealer will be happy to team up with local schools, churches, and other non-profits who would like to use these decks as a fundraiser. Click here to learn more.

There are a handful of cards in the deck that honor takeout orders due to limited seating in their establishment. These cards are exclusively noted with “Takeout available” on the front of the card.

Nope, sorry! Dinner Dealer coupons cards may not be combined with additional coupons, promotions, or discounts.

The total amount applies towards the FOOD PORTION of the tab only. It does not account for alcohol, tax, tip, etc…

For example, for a $10 off $30 coupon to be honored, you must order at least $30 of food for $10 to be deducted from the tab.

No. Each restaurant selected a deal that was best suited for them. Therefore, if you go to a participating restaurant with a $5 off $20 coupon, and you order comes to $30 . . . your discount will still be $5.

The terms and conditions vary according to the restaurants. Some restaurants have no exclusions as to when you may redeem your coupon; other restaurants have specific days and dates as to when the card may or may not be redeemed.

Be sure to read the terms and conditions listed on the back of every card, and plan accordingly.

At the end of the day, Dinner Dealer is meant to encourage more foot traffic when our neighboring restaurants need it the most.