We reached out to Dean Border, Owner of Maple St. Tavern and said, “Give us a great St. Patty’s Day inspired pizza!”

Here’s what he had to say . . .

Sauce — White cream sauce
Toppings — Shredded Corned Beef, Chopped up Potato Skins, Cheddar Cheese, Parsley and Scallions (for a sprinkle o’ green).

Is there such a thing as Irish soul food? If so, this pizza certainly makes the grade! If you’re not in the mood to cook, swing by the Tavern this weekend (with your $5 of $20 Dinner Dealer Coupon) as this St. Patrick’s Day pizza will be on the specials menu! Thanks, Dean.

p.s. We won’t be waiting another 2 months to post our next Pizza of the Week! ; )