This time of year, we have an abundance of crisp peppery fresh greens to indulge in. Salads are great and all, but why not spice things up a bit and make a pizza?

Executive Chef, Denis Griswold, of Vic’s Boathouse & Victoria Station in Salem generously gives us a little inspiration.

Here’s what he writes . . .

Dough — Wheat
Sauce — None
Toppings — Rare to Medium Rare Steak Tips, Baby Arugula, Stilton Cheese Crumbles
Finishing Touches — Drizzle with a Sweet Balsamic Glaze (here’s a recipe from Eat Boutique)

That’s it! Four simple ingredients whose flavor profiles work together in perfect harmony. Thank you, Chef Denis!

Alright, so here’s a list of locally sourced meats, provided by North Shore Locavore. Next, buy mountains of arugula from local farmers markets in the North Shore. Not too long ago, our friends over at North Shore Dish created a nice consolidated list for us. (Thanks, ladies!)

Cheese! We asked Jessie Cross, cookbook author and creator of one of our favorite food blogs, The Hungry Mouse, “What are your Top 3 places to shop for cheese on the North Shore?” 

Jessie’s personal favorites are . . .

  1. Grand Trunk in Newburyport (loves their wines, too).
  2. The Cave in Gloucester (OMG, chocolate also).
  3. Formaggio Kitchen in Cambridge (great selection and worth the trip).

By sourcing the ingredients locally, you’re guaranteed to get good quality and great flavor. Plus, the North Shore has such an amazing selection of foods and produce right at our finger tips. Even local restaurants are purchasing their food from the same sources!

Oh and hey, if you have a bunch of steak, arugula, cheese, and drizzle leftover — go ahead and make that salad for lunch the next day.