Dinner Dealer is available for wholesale!Dinner Dealer is available for wholesale! Local retailers can now benefit from selling our decks at their retail locations. Gift boutiques, food specialty shops, wine and liquor stores, grocers, salons, cafes, candy shops, florists, pet shops, book stores, and more!

Not only do you earn up to 40% of the retail price by selling Dinner Dealer decks, you are also supporting local restaurants! Our target audience is local North Shore residents. We want to encourage folks to get out and dine out locally (in addition to shopping locally). Essentially, the more foot traffic brought in via Dinner Dealer, the more new customers for you. It’s a win-win!

Kits of 10 or 20 decks available for wholesale. Countertop display case included for free.

Send us your information to begin the process or call us at 978-233-1311.

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